Picture book 17

The Shelf Company | Twelve occurrences of the number 17. Mini-book published for the New Year 2017 6 x 8 cm – 24 pages Art direction, publishing, illustration 2017 Typefaces : Monotype Bembo by Stanley Morison, ...


The last frontiers

Reliefs éditions| Reliefs, quarterly review. Review at the crossroads of science, literature, adventure and geography. 19,2 x 27 cm – 200 pages Year 2016, 4 issues Art direction, editorial design, infographics and data visualisation Cover illustrator : ...



maison des arts centre d’art contemporain de malakoff | Exhibition and workshop graphics for the 2017 season of the contemporary art centre. Visual identity, graphic design, illustration 2016-2017 Typeface : Cooper Hewitt de Chester Jenkins.


Colour chart

Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication | Colour chart like brochure presenting the schools and classes depending from the ministère de la Culture in the fields of architecture, heritage, art, theatre, music, and cinema. ...


Scientific Matter

Université Paris-Saclay | Three issues for the four-monthly L’Édition (May 2016). Information review for the campus. Paris Saclay’s campus gather Parisian scientific schools, laboratories, innovation clusters and industrials. Art direction, editorial design and data visualization ...


Magic Mirror

The Shelf Journal #4, publishing design, cult of the shelf. Special issue, Bibliothèque Kandinsky, documentation and research of the national museum of modern art – Centre Pompidou. French/English — 21 × 31 cm — 140 pages Publishing, editorial and graphic design ...


Brouillons, Fragments, Éclats (exhibition)

Institut Mémoires de l’Édition Contemporaine | Communication and graphic design for the exhibition L’Ineffacé. Brouillons, Fragments, Éclats, at l’Imec. Art direction, graphic design 2016 Typefaces : Aperçu by The Entente (Colophon), Portrait by Berton Hasebe and Canela by Miguel Reyes (Commercial Type).


Brouillons, Fragments, Éclats

Institut Mémoires de l’Édition Contemporaine | Exhibition catalog from L’Ineffacé. Brouillons, Fragments, Éclats, at l’Imec. 19,5 × 26 cm — 160 pages Art direction, graphic design Photographs : Michael Quemener 2016 Typefaces : Aperçu by The Entente (Colophon), Portrait by Berton Hasebe and Canela by Miguel Reyes ...


Frac 2017

FRAC Champagne-Ardenne | Graphics of the exhibitions for the year 2017. Type design, graphic design 2016-2017 Typefaces : Achaintre by The Shelf Company, Swiss Gothic by Gavillet & Cie


Mating Season

Calendar/poster for our greetings 2016 displaying a different animal mating behaviour each month Art direction, editorial design, infographics and data visualisation A2 2016 Typefaces : Turone Texte and Turone Fine by The Shelf Company in collaboration with Général Design.


centredecréationcontemporaine olivierdebré (communication)

Unpublished project | In collaboration with Général Design. Graphic identity for the Centre de création contemporaine Olivier Debré. Inspired by the building designed by Aires Mateus, we choosed to create a radical and minimal identity. From left to right, from top ...


The Registry of Promise

Le Crédac, Contemporary art center of Ivry | This online exhibition is a virtual extension from The Registry of Promise, a tour of four exhibitions created by Chris Sharp and organized in collaboration with four spaces ...


Out of the Blue

Journal on editorial design and the cult of the shelf. French / English — 21 × 31 cm — 116 pages 2014 Typefaces : Mabel, The Polyglot and Le Polyglotte by The Shelf Company.



In collaboration with Général Design | Turone is a familly of 4 typefaces containing Turone Texte, its italic, its weight variant, the Turone Fine, and the Turone Libre, a titling variant. The titling letters of the Turone Libre are ...


182, rue Saint-Honoré

Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication | Exhibition “Le Lotissement : histoires d’une architecture sans Histoire”, outside display windows of the building of the Bons-Enfants (Ministry of Culture and Communication). This exhibition present a list of housing development ...


In Print We Trust

Lendroit éditions | Stencil serif lettering created for the opening of the new place of Lendroit Éditions, publisher of art and artist books. « In Print We Trust », the publishing house’s slogan, was printed on mugs and ...


Reporting for Duty !

CNAP, Centre national des arts plastiques | Editorial design for the Centre National des Arts Plastiques’ annual report 2012. Creation of a figurative system to visualise data. 24 × 30 cm — 114 pages 2013 Typefaces : P22 ...


Ut Pictura Poesis

Cabinet d’Écriture Louis Vuitton |    Box of three notebooks on the themes of music, drawing and poetry. These notebooks are sold in “Cabinet d’écriture Louis Vuitton” stores. 11,5 × 16,5 cm — 96 pages each 2013 Typefaces : Vuitton Cabinet ...


Homage to William

Mabel, display type for The Shelf Journal, inspired by the work of William Addison Dwiggins. Mabel is an upright script with fine lines and decorative elements. 2011  


Saint-Honoré’s Booklet

Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication | Booklet for the exhibition “Le lotissement : histoires d’une architecture sans histoire” For the Ministry of Culture and Communication. This exhibition present a list of housing development built between 1945 and 2011 in France. ...

MMTL-écrans ppt_1

Show me your tongue !

Quebec Study Center | Scientific project gathering four events at the junction of research, action and creation. This project consist in experiencing the potential of the heterolinguistic fictions in order to connect the scientific approach to ...


centredecréationcontemporaine olivierdebré (space)

Unpublished project | In collaboration with Général Design. Sign, outdoor and indoor signage for the Centre de création contemporaine Olivier Debré. What can we see on the former building, above its wide openings ? “École Régionale des B au ...


Londoners Tell Their Tales

Handsome & Handsome | Art direction for the illustrated monthly publication, In the Air. www.intheairmagazine.co.uk English — 20 × 27 cm — Around 160-180 pages 2013-2014 Typefaces : In The Air (head) by The Shelf Company, Albertus by Berthold Wolpe, ITC Cheltenham by Morris ...


Jules Verne like

Unpublished project | Cover art for a Louis Vuitton traveling note book. Graphic Design, Illustration 2014 Typeface : Futura by Paul Renner


Letters and Signs

Ésad, school of art and design | Small glossary of French Sign Language commissioned by Le Groupe La Poste, L’Ésad of Amiens and the research group GestualScript. 12 × 18 cm — 48 pages 2014 Typefaces : Charter by Matthew Carter and Didot Elder by François Rappo ...


Sur Mesure

ARCA, furniture research and creation studio | Portfolio in the form of a small book for the Atelier de Recherche et de Création en Ameublement (ARCA, furniture research and creation studio). French / English — 10,5 × ...


Research… and You Will Find

Ésad, school of art and design | Logo family for the visual identity of several research groups : De-sign-e, GestualScript and Typannot commissionned by the École supérieure d’art et de design d’Amiens (Ésad school of art and design) ...


I See Red

Journal on editorial design and the cult of the shelf. French / English — 21 × 31 cm — 122 pages 2012 Typefaces : Mabel, The Polyglot and Le Polyglotte by The Shelf Company.


Champagne Publicist

Press pack for the “Insight” mobile phone and tablet application by Veuve-Clicquot in the form of a brochure/poster. 50 × 72 cm 2012 Typefaces : Monotype Bembo by Stanley Morison and Helvetica by Max Medinger.


A Friend of Grand Jean

Simmoneau, typographic rehabilitation of a script by Louis Simmoneau (the engraver of Louis XIV of France) based on engraved copper plates for the book Médailles sur les principaux événements du règne de Louis le Grand. ...


Pantheon of Books

Series of three icons based on the theme of the cult of the shelf. Limited edition of 30 numbered copies. 21 × 31 cm 2013 Typefaces : Mabel and Le Polyglotte by The Shelf Company.



Translatio Typographiae, preliminary work in the creation of Polyglot. Editing, editorial design and creation of a typeface. This work looks at the relationship between typography and translation and studies different types of problems and solutions encountered ...


I am a Polyglot

Polyglot is a family of five typefaces intended for multilingual publications (German, Italian, French, Spanish and English). Its main function is to distinguish two or more languages within a book without using arbitrary traditional variations ...


Green Light

The Shelf Journal #1 Journal on editorial design and the cult of the shelf. French / English — 21 × 31 cm — 108 pages 2012 Typefaces : Mabel, The Polyglot and Le Polyglotte by The Shelf Company.


Draw me a Plane !

Industry of Nature, Frame Publishers Created at Général Design This book describes seventy-five of nature’s strategies to fulfil its needs in terms of protection, aerodynamics, camouflage and much more. Today, these have become a source ...


Tsunami in Normandy

Visual identity for the yacht building company, Futuna Yachts. Range of logos for different models of boat. 2012


Foray Noire

Lettering and type design for #17 and #18 of Clam magazine. Multilingual